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Services that matter most to today's publishing landscape


Why We Do What We Do

We don't mind sharing our acquired industry knowledge or trade secrets to ensure you don't get entangled in paying overpriced publishing or marketing fees, be left all alone and still get insignificant author royalties. 


We now have helped a number of authors at various stages in their publishing journey, so go ahead and benefit from our experience, because your book deserves everything it would get at a traditional publishing house; the expertise, the attention, and the sincere dedication.

Fifth Pillar Books offers services that matter most to today's publishing landscape and what you would expect from  big traditional publishing houses: design, editing, production, distribution, publicity & marketing.

Fifth Pillar Books. Simply your publishing partner
Book Cover Design

Our cover designs are rendered to life by a professional  digital studio/book artist who understands the basic elements of a great cover design; relevant, unique and a ‘cover that speaks.’ Stand Out. Be unique. No cookie cutter. Learn more.

Fifth Pillar Books. Simply your publishing partner

When you submit your manuscript to us for publication, we provide  PROOF READING without any cost. If during  the design process we notice multitude of errors, we will let you know of our findings to give you the needed time to correct  or to have the manuscript edited. Learn more

Our staff has deep knowledge and vast experience in both trade and self-publishing. Over the years of working with self-publishing companies and traditional publishing houses, we have built good and strong relationships with organization and influential key figures. We are here to help. No issues. No Stress.

Our services are developed by industry pundits and seasoned publishing veterans. We always take into account and consideration what the readers seek in a well-published book.

Our Staff, Your Team
Fifth Pillar Books. Self Publisher with a heart
Book Interior Design

A reader can discern between a book’s interior ‘designed’ with a word processor and those done  by a professional layout artist & typesetter. A professionally designed interior gives your book the instant credibility. Learn more.

Our packages are designed with the author's welfare in mind. With the advent of self-publishing and the ever- growing maze, traps, and puzzles of DIYs, we pride ourselves that you are always first and always guided with us. From curated publishing to assisted marketing, our packages are designed to offer authors the support, solutions, expertise and tools they need to maximize their book's potential. Make your book a success story with us!

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