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Why we do what we do

Make Your Book A Success Story With Us


A little bit of our story. Fifth Pillar Books started in the year 1948 as a small community-based bookshop distributing children's books and pocketbooks to the delight of parents and young readers sharing the joy of reading, cultivating the atmosphere of creativity in the young developing minds. With the advent of self-publishing, Fifth Pillar Books took a broader role in self-publishing by providing services to established publishing companies. Over the course of time, Fifth Pillar Books has become a team of experts and dedicated individuals responsible for pre and post-production services, marketing, and advertising. In the year 2010, Fifth Pillar Books opened its services to authors. With a profound understanding of the challenges authors are facing, Fifth Pillar Books provides its services directly to authors, agents, and self-publishers. Fifth Pillar Books took it to their hearts to guide and help authors who seek to share their stories, giving authors a curated self-publishing experience—the experience of not being left alone, the experience of being guided and cared for passionately. Fifth Pillar Books is a boutique book services company offering Virtual Assistant for Authors, consultancy, assisted research, marketing & advertising, pre and post-production services. We take pride in giving our authors genuine care and full attention and in providing solutions. To date, Fifth Pillar Books is responsible for bringing 582 titles to print and counting with some titles delivering their finest and finding their marks.

Fifth Pillar Books | Virtual Assistant For Authors
Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the right book at the right time to the reading community. To help authors in delivering their message to their audience—leaving a lasting legacy.

Our mission is founded on the faith of helping writers and authors—the young and the old achieved their dreams. We feel the responsibility to publish, to educate and to bring knowledge and enjoyment to everyone who finds joy in reading. We feel the responsibility of preserving the richness of language and expression, brandishing darkness and developing creativity.

Fifth Pillar Books. Simply your publishing partner.
Charities & Community

We feel the responsibility to care for the community and mother earth in whatever ways we can—big or small. We have started our little greening project by planting trees in the effort to reduce the carbon footprint. Close to our hearts, we set our focus on helping children's charities and orphanages. We believe in giving back to the community and doing our part, may it be in big or small ways, to make this world a better place. You are welcome to e-mail us for more information at

Fifth Pillar Books. Virtual Assistant For Authors
People & Culture

Fifth Pillar Books is a diverse group, and each key person comes with different complementary strengths. The members of the core team have the work experience with the leading traditional publishers, and self-publishing, including book distributors. Their wide range of competencies in publishing, marketing, advertising, production, designs, technology, & editing are being reflected in our services & solutions we offer. Diverse but united by a burning passion to make publishing easier for authors to succeed. Our people reflect our culture & values. We anchor our processes and day-to-day operations to our values; of being genuine, passionate, exceptional and  of course, a sprinkle of fun—We celebrate success with our authors!

Fifth Pillar Books. Simply your publishing partner
 Our Packages

Our packages are designed with the author's welfare in mind. With the advent of self-publishing and the ever- growing maze, traps, and puzzles of DIYs, we pride ourselves that you are always first and always guided with us. From curated publishing to assisted marketing, our packages are designed to offer authors the support, solutions, expertise, and tools they need to maximize their book's potential. Make your book a success story with us!

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