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Our Staff's Corner

Building a community that inspires, connects and unites

Why We Do What We Do

Part of why Fifth Pillar Books exists is to help authors figure out what is best for them. The other half is to find and bring the right book at the right time to the reading community. We feel the responsibility to publish, to educate and to bring knowledge and enjoyment to everyone who finds joy in reading. We feel the responsibility of preserving the richness of language and expression, brandishing darkness and developing creativity.

Open Hands, Open Hearts

Every season, our staff and contributors seek social issues and messages in books we find meaningful and relevant to today's global challenges. In "Open Hands, Open Hearts," as our small but sincere way of making the world a better place to live in, we are reaching out to communities in 'other sides of the pond.'  We share with them our hope and aspirations, community after community. Close to our hearts; we set our focus on helping children's charities and orphanages. In the last quarter of 2017, our staff from the creative department immersed themselves in communities in the far east region; to learn, to share, and to build communities. This year, a few members of our staff will remain in the region to continue what we love to do; saving our turtles.


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