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Marketing Solutions Tailored For Your Books

What starts here makes a difference

Marketing Solutions Tailored For You

No matter your goals, Fifth Pillar Books' has a solution tailored to meet your book's needs. Our goal is to bring your books closer to your readers.

Managed Marketing Campaign

Our managed marketing campaign takes on the heavy lifting for you, making connections with independent trade partners, and wholesalers, optimized your discoverability and social media presence to increase your book's visibility and sales potential so you can focus on what you do best.

Fifth Pillar Books understands that for indie authors, affordable professional publicity is tough to find and it's quite complex to justify the return on investment. It's a long list and a variety of options to choose from and mostly it is generic marketing. In light of this, Fifth Pillar Books patterned our marketing program after the trade publishers and their best practices. More effective. Less expensive in the long run.

Our Featured managed book marketing campaigns:

Marketing Solutions

Marketing is the most misunderstood amongst the four main ingredients for a book's success. In many ways, the work done in marketing a book varies and goes into different levels. In general, publishers market upstream to booksellers and distributors who will be purchasing the books, you—the author, must focus on marketing downstream to your fans and readers. This is a rare scenario in self-publishing, so rare that most books are not given enough attention, authors are not coached on the best methods to reach out to readers and books are enrolled in a generic but expensive marketing platform.


Our solution is anchored on assisted marketing. This is what we believed in; we bring books closer into the hands of readers.

Learn More

We are a boutique publisher and consultancy. To assist you better, we wish to learn more about your books and your goals. 

For  program details, please e-mail us at or call our program director at +1 858-926-5828

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