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Book Production

What starts here makes a difference

Award Winning Book Production

Our goal is to turn your manuscript into a  work of art. We take into account what the industry requires and what the readers seek in a well-published book.


Your readers and book retailers would want to see a 'real' book and not just another replica. Many well-written books have been consigned to the trash bin based on a weak cover, or even because of a sloppy interior design. So, Stand Out! Be unique! And what starts here with us makes a difference.

Your book deserves everything it would get at a traditional house; the expertise, the attention, and the sincere dedication.

  • Pre-Manuscript Services

  • Assessment & Evaluation*

  • From Custom Cover Design to Interior Layout

  • Award-winning illustrations and graphics

  • Editing

  • Illustration from Award Winning Graphic Artist


We will provide a line-item estimate detailing all cost for pre-publication work. We can also have all the cost bundled with our publishing program.

Metadata is the backbone of the publishing industry, and we make it as the foundation of your book's discoverability. The data being sent  to retailers is what drives the sales of your book. Without it, publishers can't sell books to retailers, readers can't efficiently find your books online and sales suffer tremendously. Book metadata is the primary marketing and discovery mechanism for readers and retailers, and it's the lifeblood of the publishing industry.

Make no mistake, your strongest brand is your name. Ever wondered what make readers 'feverish' & race out to buy the latest book or new releases from authors such as J.K. Rowling? Two words: Author Branding. This is what distinguishes you from other authors in the market and identifies you and your work. Stand Out. Let your book take the spotlight.


While it's the quality of your writing that determines its success, an equally important aspect is the design. Sometimes, readers are a little less forgiving and turn away from a book that is poorly formatted on the interior, or  even just for a minor typographical error. So we thought, a little TLC would mean a lot to your readers and to you; we have included these services as shown below.

  • Professional Proof Reading Services

  • A Network of Beta readers

We will provide a line-item estimate detailing all cost for pre-publication work. We can also have all the cost bundled with our publishing program.

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Book Marketing

Marketing is the most misunderstood amongst the four main ingredients for a book's success. In many ways, the work done in marketing a book varies and goes into different levels. In general, publishers market upstream to booksellers and distributors who will be purchasing your books and you—the author focus on marketing downstream to your readers. Our marketing programs are anchored on assisted marketing.

Our packages are designed with the author's welfare in mind. With the advent of self-publishing, and the ever- growing maze, traps, and puzzles of DIYs. We pride ourselves that you are always first and always guided with us. From curated publishing to assisted marketing, our packages are designed to offer authors the support, solutions, expertise, and tools they need to maximize their book's potential. Make your book a success story with us!

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