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Our packages are designed with the author's welfare in mind


Our packages are designed with the author's welfare in mind. With the advent of self-publishing and the ever-growing maze, traps, and puzzles of DIYs, we pride ourselves that you are always first and always guided with us. From curated publishing to assisted marketing, our packages are designed to offer authors the support, solutions, the expertise, and tools they need to maximize their book's potential. 

Make your book a success story with us!

One bundle and everything that a well-published book needs: creativity, editorial assistance, extensive distribution, and a managed marketing campaign. Click here for the right publishing solution for you.

One bundle. Significant amount of advanced marketing. Creating campaigns that matter to today’s publishing landscape.

A full year 12-month managed book marketing campaign. As nothing can ever replace the human 'hand and heart' in any processes, especially when it comes to managing your book and in building your audience, helping readers find your book. Find out why it's the best gift ever you can give to your book. Click here and find out why.

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Author Branding Package

A must have service for emerging authors. Make no mistake, your strongest brand is your name. 

Print & Digital Media Exposure

Visibility is the key to book discovery. Book discovery is how readers find your book and then make the decision to read. If your readers can't find your work, it only means one thing to them—it doesn't exist. 

Traditional Media Exposure

We build, boost and pitch your author platform to our network. This is an extensive work that involves key people who know the industry and knows key people too. Do you think this is the right marketing model for you? Please email at us for the comprehensive details and inclusion.

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Ready? Set?
V.A. for authors

Our virtual assistants for authors are publishing people who have been in the publishing industry for many years, and had experience in both trade and self-publishing. These are fine folks who love books and know publishing can team up with you and help you in the publishing process or marketing of your book. Do what matters to you the most and let our virtual assistant for authors do the rest. Whether it’s organizing your manuscript to fact-checking information for accuracy, or coordinating promotional activities to organizing virtual book tours—you got a helping hand from someone who knows the maze of the industry. Please email us at for comprehensive details and inclusions.

Publicity Campaigns

Fifth Pillar Books understands that for an indie author, affordable professional publicity is tough to find and it's quite complex to justify the return on investment. In light of this, we have created the virtual assistant for authors program that serves as an alternative to a traditional publicist. Your VA will help you set up, monitor and maintain your social media presence, implement SEO, and even organize virtual book tours. What is best is to know that you are working with a virtual assistant who has years of trade & self-publishing experience. 

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