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 Introducing our CURATOR PROGRAM


Every book we work with is assessed and evaluated. Our process is synonymous with quality. What starts here makes a difference.

We tailor fit our solutions to what your book needs, your goals  and what the readers' seek in a well-published book.

The difference maker: 

Fifth Pillar Books is staffed by writers and publishing folks.

Crafting Excellence




Our mission is founded on the faith of helping writers & authors—the young & the old achieve their dreams. It is never easy to finish writing a manuscript and as our small  but sincere way of showing our heartfelt appreciation, CLAIM your FREE MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION & BOOK MARKETING ANALYSIS


Through their expertise and years of experience, they can share with you their acquired industry knowledge and give you recommendations on what could work and what wouldn't, on what publishing traps to avoid and what necessary steps to take.


How about a self- publishing solution that puts you in complete control of your royalties and the management of your book? OR a MARKETING CAMPAIGN that truly matters to today's publishing industry? We don't mind sharing our acquired industry knowledge to ensure you don't get entangled in paying overpriced publishing & marketing fees.




Top 5 reasons & more

 Our Virtual Assistant for authors will help you set up, monitor and maintain your social media presence, implement SEO and even organize virtual book tours. What's best is to know that your are working with a virtual assistant who has the years of trade and self-publishing  experience at their belt.

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Making the publishing journey memorable and enjoyable for our authors. No more. No Less.

The Publishing Process

We plan together. We share our industry knowledge as we journey together. With years of experience in both trade and self-publishing, we produce your book to the highest quality standard and assist you to independently publish with Ingramspark. Ready to take the journey? Is this the right publishing model for you? We also offer co-publishing contract.  Please email us at

Publishing Philosophy

We weave our authors aspirations and goals into our process avoiding the trap of being left out and all alone by themselves when self-publishing. We guide. We listen. We provide solutions. We care passionately.

Publishing Services

Fifth Pillar Books offers services that matter most to today's publishing industry and what you would expect from a traditional publishing house: creative design, editing, quality production, distribution, publicity & marketing. We always take into account and consideration what the readers' seek in a well-published book and to find balance with the author's vision.

The Publishing Journey

Fifth Pillar Books guides and provides support through all the stages of the publication process while you remain at the helm. We are your support crew. You are our captain.

Why Us?

We take pride in giving authors genuine care and our full attention when providing solutions.

Why we exist :

Part of why Fifth Pillar Books exists is to help authors figure out what is best for them. We ring true to our mission of bringing the right books at the right time to the reading community; of helping authors succeed. In the year 2010, with a profound understanding of the challenges the authors are facing, Fifth Pillar Books took it to their hearts to guide and help authors. 

What we do : 

Fifth Pillar Books is a book services company offering Virtual Assistant for Authors, consultancy, assisted research, marketing & advertising, pre and post-production services. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that you should have access to the talent pool—the cover designers, typesetters, the seasoned editors, publicist and a dedicated team. You deserved to be working with someone who fell in love with books many years ago and not just someone who works from a script. So go ahead, benefit from our experience.


Please email us at

Who we are :

Fifth Pillar Books is a team of dedicated publishing professionals with many years of experience in both trade and self-publishing. Our experience dates back when we first started out as a small bookshop. With the advent of self-publishing, we took a broader role by providing services to publishing companies, and over the course of time has become the experts with insights that we are now: A publisher who believes in authors.

Dear Authors & Readers,

You are our priority and always first in our thoughts, and that means we're always there when you need us! We welcome your feedback on board, good or otherwise, as it helps us deliver the best.

We would love to hear from you. 

Readers' favorite. Reader's Pick!

Readers' favorite. Reader's Pick!


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Bringing Books Closer
LeadershipThinking Being Doing_Lee Thayer_Fifth Pillar Books

Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing by Lee Thayer Here is a book on leadership like no other. It begins by announcing that: "You can't learn to be a 'leader.' ... All you can do is be prepared if you are 'called' to provide leadership." So begins Lee Thayer's relentless assault on conventional thinking ... which, he tells us, will "always and inevitably lead to conventional results." Virtual Assistant for authors | Fifth Pillar Books

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