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Distribution is one of the four vital elements for a book’s success. Distribution simply means the reach and the accessibility of the titles to online and brick-&-mortar booksellers, retailers and wholesalers. One of the challenges of an emerging author is getting their books widely distributed and making the titles easily available and accessible to every type of booksellers, retailers, and readers. Our distribution is through Ingram Content Group, one of the largest book distributors in the world. They give us the widest reach, technology, and excellent title management.

Important keyword to remember is saturation publishing. It means making the title available and accessible to everyone. Limiting your book’s exposure to one medium makes it difficult for other retailers, wholesalers and readers to discover your book.

We love online booksellers like Amazon, B&N, Booktopia and many other online booksellers!

We find success in them—for one of the many reasons—they account for nearly 85% of our print sales! And they cater to book lovers which turns out as a good avenue for advertising and marketing for our authors.

Nothing can take away the charm of brick-and-mortar stores and the credibility it gives to authors and titles being displayed and shelved, however, the big chains can be aggressive with orders. No harm and all fascinating part—as long as they don’t return a lot of books.

Here’s how it works. They buy a book, hold on to it for a period of time and they can decide to return and get their money back. This risk falls on the publisher. When you are self-publishing and managing your book, take this into consideration: check the book returnability policy with your distributor.

We admire indie bookstores, as they are open to new authors and always find ways how to cater to new titles. Although they are discerning and careful in their buying decisions, they are supportive of emerging authors. They buy a few, then present it to their patrons, if it sells, then they buy more. We consider this smart. On the author’s and publishers’ part, all that needs to be done is to approach them.

You are not alone when you publish through us. Always guided. And because this takes heads and hearts to manage titles, we always see to it that we limit the titles we assist to 48 a year. Hope to welcome you this year with us.


PLEASE NOTE: A virtual assistant for authors (VAFA) is already assigned to your book project when you select the package option during the publishing stage. Please see  list of  work items of VAFA included in your package.

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Widest Reach
Fifth Pillar Books. Virtual Assistant For Authors
Global Distribution

See your titles on the Amazon Kindle store or Apple iBookstore, and other online book retailers made available to your readers. Via Ingram Book Group, titles are automatically made available to more than tens of thousands of retailers, libraries, internet commerce companies and other partners including Barnes& Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada) and other wholesalers across North America, UK, Australia, and NZ.

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Author's Branding

Make no mistake, your strongest brand is your name. Ever wondered what make readers 'feverish' & race out to buy the latest book or new releases from authors such as J.K. Rowling? Two words: Author Branding. This is what distinguishes you from other authors in the market and identifies you and your work. Stand Out. Let your book take the spotlight.

Your book around the globe VIA INGRAM Book Group's extensive distribution channels and thousands of trade partners. We are plugged-in to one of the industry’s largest distribution networks that covers online stores, big & small book chains, e-book retailers, local retailers, schools, universities, libraries, and just about anyone who is selling books. Booksellers just love INGRAM!

Our packages are designed with the author's welfare in mind. With the advent of self-publishing, and the ever- growing maze, traps, and puzzles of DIYs. We pride ourselves that you are always first and always guided with us. From curated publishing to assisted marketing, our packages are designed to offer authors the support, solutions, expertise, and tools they need to maximize their book's potential. Make your book a success story with us!

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