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Book Talk: Why is interior book design important?

Always put your best foot forward, every time.

Imagine this. A reader grabs your book. Flip it. Attentively reads the back cover description. You knew at that point you already have captured the reader's attention. A potential reader. A potential fan! You're doing good. Opens the book. Drops it back. Disappointed. Poof! Gone. There goes your potential reader.

Regardless of the storyline or how well written your book is, the 'look and feel' of the inside of the book influence the readers' attention. Readers turn away from a poorly formatted interior. We know this by research and through experience. A reader can discern between a book interior 'designed' with a word processor and those done by a professional layout artist and typesetter. A professionally designed interior gives you the instant credibility with your readers. Book interior design is not after all just fonts and margins. There are other important requirements that make books easy on the eyes; a treat to your readers to enjoy a comfortable reading experience. Hook your readers!

Your words tell your story. Presentation matters. Professionally designed layout delivers.

Readers instinctively recognize the right look & feel of the book. We know what readers respond to; easy on the yes text, flowing layout, comfortable read. This means careful planning of the interior design of your book is vital. Be involved. Readers demand a comfortable reading experience and are critical of any layout & formatting issues. Our seasoned layout artist together with our typesetter will help you create the best layout for your book. A one-on-one consultation with our designer is highly recommended to fully capture your vision for the book.

For inquiries, please email us at or drop us a line at 1-877-794-7685

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