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“ The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day. ”

—O. A. Battista

When Anna Casamento Arrigo penned her soon-to-be-released book " When Daddy's Going Away," she started the writing journey with a reflection, a snippet of her dad. It differs, however, because Anna's dad passed away when she was only 12.

" I don't pretend to honestly know what a child, who's going through the upheaval and sadness may experience during but, especially, after that divorce is finalized. All I have or, rather, am left with, is that sense of loss and the uncertainty that comes with not knowing."

I, suppose, in some aberrant way, it's best that I never had that sense of loss, conflict, pain, and separation or, even, alienation because parents ' contention toward each other becomes, in some ways, greater than the love they have or should have for their child or children. "When Daddy's Going Away," is my thought, my soul, and heart seeking to explore and, hopefully, allow some to remember THE CHILD! "

I'd like to thank readers & parents and let them know that there is nothing more significant, for me than the strength, love, but, most importantly, the impact and influence our parents bequest upon us, even when we are too young to accept or even realize it. My mom is, though no longer 'here'...the core of my being...ALL I AM is greatly due to her strength and her 'on the job' training!

Parenthood doesn't come with a written manual, but, it does, however, come with something even more crucial the common sense to know the difference between selflessness and selfishness. — Anna Casamento Arrigo

A Piece of Anna's heart

Dear Daddy,

Remember when you said we' go