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We don't mind sharing our acquired industry knowledge or trade secrets to ensure you don't get entangled in paying overpriced publishing or marketing fees, be left alone and still get  insignificant author royalties. We now have helped a number of authors at various stages in their publishing journey, so go ahead and benefit from our experience, because your book deserves everything it would get at a traditional house;the expertise,, the attention and the sincere dedication. Our staff has  a deep knowledge and vast experience in both trade and self-publishing. Over the years of  working with  self publishing companies and traditional publishing houses, we have built good and strong relationships with organization and influential key figures. S o don't get lost. Be guided.

Pre- Production Services

From Cover Designs to Interior Layout

We know how it is to our your heart and soul into your book, page by page, and we know ideas are not that easy to conceive. We believe, after the many hours you put into your book, you wouldn't want to just dump it into a book factory that will churn your masterpiece out into  another look-alike book like that of the many that are already out there. We believe that every  book is a work of art, and each age contains words from the heart. It should look like one! Every book is unique and has a voice of its own. You owe it to yourself, to your book,  and to your readers. Give your book the  individuality and personality it so deserved.

Your  readers and book retailers would want to see a 'real' book and not just another replica like that of the many other replicas out there. Stand Out. Be unique.

Why is cover design important?

Does interior design matter?


We have an in-house studio artists and professionals in our network who are talented, skilled and seasoned publishing people to fully capture your vision, and together with your guidance create illustrations that reflect your books unique voice and style.


We are not the jack-of-all-trades. We know our strengths, and we stick to what we do best. Our in-house editorial team has over 15 years of editorial experience. We  offer line editing and  copy editing. You see the two are not the same. If your manuscript needs advanced editing e.g. developmental editing, we have associates who we can recommend, and mind you, they are the best at what they do.

We stand as your support crew, and as your guide, if during the design process we notice multitude of errors, we will let you know of our findings and give you the needed time to rectify. The books you see in the shelves of bookstores published by trade publishers have undergone a minimum of three levels of edit. An extra TLC wouldn't sink the boat, so every book that we work with undergoes PROOF READ without any extra cost  to our authors. Fifth Pillar Books will always put your best foot forward. As a company, we feel the responsibility to guide our authors to succeed. If the recommendation is for core edit edit e.g. line edit, and you decide to hire our in-house editor, we prefer to discuss the process with you before any decisions be made.

Ready to get started
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