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Digital Book Walker Program

Be seen! Let your book be talked about!

Digital Book Walker Program Expedition Edition $4,100

A unique program developed by our own experienced booksellers. Digital Book Walker Program is designed to increase your book's visibility in both the digital space and offline and help your book stand out in a crowded marketplace. By participating in the DBWP, you’ll be reaching our trade partners' readership of book and film agents, booksellers, editors, distributors, librarians, book reviewers, and national and international media—just the kind of people who can take a book and make it a bestseller. 

With the Digital Book Walker services, your title will be managed by a book walker— pushing and promoting titles to independent brick-and-mortar stores. In partnership with Publisher's Weekly, you'll be tapping into one of the most respected and oldest in circulation. Publisher's Weekly is the leading publication, familiarly known in the book world as PW and 'the bible of the book business' is a weekly news magazine focused on the international book publishing business. It is targeted at professionals, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, book enthusiasts and the media. 

Digital Book Walker Program is managed highly targeted advertising platform that allows you to get your book in front of the key major players in the book's industry, walking your book to the right direction.

What You Get:

  • Title management

  • Feature placement for one month on

  • A listing in Publishers Weekly's print and online editions announcing indie titles

  • Listing in Publishers Weekly's special announcements database powered by Edelweiss which reaches tens of thousands of booksellers, librarians and reviewers

  • Your book cover featured on the home page of

  • Your book cover featured in the BookLife Report weekly email newsletter

  • Social media promotion on BookLife's Facebook and Twitter platforms

  • Double slot print ad in the Publishers Weekly magazine (two out of eight slots) 

  • Online banner ad campaign on with 20,000 impressions

  • Managed email marketing campaign for five months

Please Note: Publishers Weekly has a total print and digital readership of around 68,000 of the biggest players in the book publishing industry, reaching more than 17,000 paid subscribers in bookstores, libraries, film executives, other publishing segments and even media and literary agents. welcomes 10 million unique visitors annually, 1.5 million page views per month and approximately 27 million page views per year.

Fun Facts: Did you know that the magazine was born in 1872 as The Publishers' Weekly (the article and the apostrophe were later dropped), a collective catalog where publishers pooled their resources to create one common listing of new books, issued each week. An early colleague in the enterprise was Richard Rogers Bowker, a literary journalist and also a keen bibliographer, who went on to create the R.R. Bowker Company. 

We are a boutique publisher and consultancy. To assist you better, we wish to learn more about your books and your goals. 

For  program details, please e-mail us at or call our program director at +1 858-926-5828

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