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Print and Digital Media Exposure

A full year 12-month managed book marketing campaign

 Direct-to-readers, direct-to-audience marketing campaign

Print and Digital Media Exposure 

Visibility is the key to book discovery. Book discovery is how readers find your book and then make the decision to read. If your readers can't find your work, it only means one thing to them—it doesn't exist.  We have formed partnerships with leading publications and have thoughtfully selected and developed services that truly matters to today's publishing: Quality and Targeted Press Release for distribution for your book. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can use certain keywords in order to get your book listed in secret sub-genres that you can’t get from the regular list on the Amazon KDP dashboard? Marketing is both science and an art. Knowing your audience is critical. Get the word out about your book in a compelling and interesting way.

We are a boutique publisher and consultancy. To assist you better, we wish to learn more about your books and your goals. 

For  program details, please e-mail us at or call our program director at +1 858-926-5828

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